About us

"Magazines give us some place to go when we have to stay right where we are"

Reception Services has been operating for the past 30 Years and we’ve been on an exciting journey ever since. From our beginnings of selling Advertising space to launching a company that gives Magazines a platform in Reception areas, Guest houses, Motor Dealerships, Hotel Groups, Airport Lounges, Schools, Attorneys, Banks, Doctors rooms, Hair and Beauty Salons, Health Spas etc…

Our team lives by the Motto

Targeted mass distribution of positive, wholesome, uplifting and educational media into the market place…That is distributing quality publications in quality locations to quality customers.

Meet the Team Behind the Magazines

Dedicated to  Magazines, Experience and Passion


"Ever Go Getter"

After years of performing her role as a super mom of 3 children, she found her niche in selling Advertising Space. She specialized in the national advertising representation of 3 non profitable organisations.

Lyn developed Reception Services on the principle of giving magazines a marketing platform within varies industries. 

Her hobbies are “people”  and  she has  the  talent to  gain the trust and  support of all those she meets.


"The Keeper of the Brood"

Seun, started working with the company as a young man of 18 years of age.  Today at 44 years of age he manages the collection packaging and distribution of our product.

His name “Keeper of the Brood” is exactly what he is all about, he takes care of the Team by ensuring that everything runs smoothly, everyone is happy and customers receive the best possible service. His responsibilities are executed beyond reproach. he leaves his imprint on everyone’s heart.


"Special Person"

It’s all very well to come up with an idea, However to develop it into a successful business takes a “special person.” That is exactly who Theo is!

He has the drive to finish anything that he starts and wont stop until it is complete. 

His best talent is cooking….You haven’t lived until Theo has cooked for you…


"Not a Dull Moment"

Mandy, adds huge value to the company by thinking out the box and comes up with bigger, better faster and smarter ideas to take our company to new heights. She has a passion for the business that never dies and keeps us all on our toes. Mandy, is a people person and yes there is never a “Dull moment” with her, laughter is her game and Magazines are her Passion


"The Man"

Von’s biggest focus is on Sponsorship’s and Corporate Clients,. His track record includes  Marketing Director of Southern Sun for 4 years, managed “ The Southern Sun / M NET” Cycling Team for 8 years. He has a huge passion for Magazines and his ethos of “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” has given him a surge of purpose and enthusiasm and that is why we call him       “THE MAN”

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