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We are a company that takes care of your reception’s needs; ensuring that you have a happy customer whilst on your premises and management that need not worry about shopping for monthly odds and sods. 


Firstly –  A Magazine Service.  We offer the service of replenishing magazines to waiting areas nationwide  (over 100 titles to choose from) at less than half price upon delivery. Your selection will be delivered by a reliable courier service on a monthly basis so order yours today! Save a fortune and then give them away once your fresh magazines arrive.

Secondly – We have magazine racks for sale. Visit our magazine racks page.

Thirdly  – We brand magazine racks into which we place magazines carrying your branding/advertising in the form of stickers that are placed onto the front covers. We get you into places otherwise inaccessible.  See Branded Magazine Racks to find out more.

Fourthly – We realise the frustration that businesses have replacing their cleaning/beverage/toiletry  products each month. For this reason we have shopped for you and will deliver monthly to your premises. Check out our Office Utility Packs page.



Tel 011 516-0214 or 082 851-6275 and speak to Lyn


  • Medical Suites waiting rooms
  • Business Reception Areas
  • Hotels / Lodges / B&B’s
  • Airport lounges
  • Conference Centers
  • Coffee Shops / Restaurants
  • Motor outlets / Service centers
  • Beauty Salons / Hairdressers
  • Banks /Schools / Municipal waiting areas